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Birthday Month!

I’ve been keeping ridiculously busy lately.  When I’m not a cam slave, I’m trying to keep up with every day life stuff, chore stuff, family stuff, and sleeping like a human being.  I’ve been looking into summer classes, but I think I’m cutting it too close for enrollment.  Might have to push it to fall semester, but I definitely need something productive to do besides camming or I’ll go insane.

My family suffered a devastating loss late February/early March.  I’ve been pretty withdrawn ever since, but I’m slowly becoming more social again. For the past three days I’ve been tormented by insomnia, fatigue, and migraines.  Otherwise life has been treating me extremely well.  I owe you guys a decent blog update soon, but I’m super picky and obsessive.  What I consider a “decent” entry usually takes me 4 hours to write. *(O_O;)*

So this is a big rambled update to give you guys notice about my upcoming time off.  I’m taking a week long trip for my Birthday with my best friend to Miami and the Florida Keys.  My top MFC members from March will be getting some private goodies while I’m away.  Including exclusive naughty selfie text messages! Big thank you to Dan and Snive!

I’m still camming quite a bit until I leave, and I’m offering my top member and highest tipper of my Birthday month a custom video as well as a Skype show!  If second and third place top members come close, I will offer them a Skype shows too!  Right now a fairly private and generous fellah, (thank you!) who doesn’t like his MFC spendings put out there, is hanging high at 13,925 tokens!  Can you beat it?

If you spoil me with a Gift Card to dress me up for my trip, I’ll make sure to share tons of sexy selfies of me on the beach and out and about.  Maybe even a private gallery for MFC users who send me a gift card of $50 or more.  This all needs to come together within a couple of weeks or less unfortunately, because I’m leaving on April 22nd.  Don’t forget to factor in shipping time. ;)

Everything is booked, I just need new luggage, a little spending money, and warm weather wardrobe.  Woo hoo!!  This is going to be the first real vacation I’ve had outside of my home state in years.  We’ve had a tough winter here, so I’m looking forward to the sunshine.  This wouldn’t happen if it wasn’t for my special fans who contribute tips, love, support and fun in private. Love you guys!

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February Skype Date Raffle!

Buy your tickets here anytime!  Each individual entry is very carefully recorded into a text file, then tickets are hand written with your user name before the drawing.  Cultists get DOUBLE tickets.

My previous winners can vouch for the legitimacy of my 100% honest raffles.

February Skype Date RaffleGood luck! ^_^

Top 20! Woo Hoo!

January was a  busy month, but all my hard work has finally paid off!  My final rank on MyFreeCams was lucky #13, and I don’t think anyone can dispute that I worked my ass off for it.  I only took 1 full day off in January, and worked well beyond full time hours.

Top 20

I didn’t do anything else unusual during the month of January aside from camming tons.  Just the typical private shows and public countdowns, as well as selling videos and a few group shows too.  I stuck to my guns and didn’t go outside of my comfort zone to make it, and for that reason alone I’m extremely proud.

Even without my top few highest contributors and crazy tipping at the last minute, January was my highest earning month on MFC.  Why?  HOURS!!  I was absolutely exhausted, but in the end it was worth it.  After two days off I still feel like I need more rest to recover, and I’m still smiling. :D

Thank you to all who contributed! Special thanks to Jim for his unbelievable tip at the end. Thank you to Jim, Dan, and Trey for being my top 3 members for January 2014.  You guys were so motivating and amazing. <3  I wouldn’t have made top 20 without you.

Thank you to anyone and everyone else who contributed even just 10 tokens! ^_^  Every little bit counts!


January Cam Shows

After taking a little time off for the holidays, I’ve decided to get back to the grind on MyFreeCams this month.  I will be on every night around 9pm until 3am Eastern.  I have a lot of fun public shows planned, and of course I’m always down to get dirty in true private.

I’m hoping to invest in some new props and toys later this month as well, so check back for updates!


 I’m also running another Fleshlight raffle!  Last months raffle was incredibly popular in spite of my absence, so I’ve made the tickets even more affordable at 11 tokens each.  Double tickets for Cultists.  ^_~


january  fleshlight raffle

7 More Days

Only 7 more days until Christmas, and boy am I a busy girl.  I still have gifts to buy for my family, and a ton of baking to do.  I can’t believe I haven’t learned my lesson about getting a head start on the holidays after all these years.


I leave town for Chicago next Monday to spend Christmas Eve with my family there.  Then I’m flying back on Christmas morning in time to spend the day with my family in Michigan.  Between shopping, baking, packing, flying, and worrying about the current state of my MFC paycheck, I’m bound to lose my mind!

I did get a few batches of cookies and cookie dough finished.  Those are waiting in the freezer, ready to be decorated or sliced and baked. I have to bake my Christmas cupcakes, and maybe cook up some candy or fudge as well.

photo 2-2

My Christmas tree has been up since the beginning of the month.  I’m always really excited to decorate the tree.  If I had a bigger home, I’d probably be one of those crazy folks with one in every room.


Usually I bring all of the Christmas stuff out of storage right after Thanksgiving.  If you don’t get it up early, what’s the point?  I recall spotting my neighbors decorating their tree on Christmas Eve last year.  I suppose that’s a tradition for some, but then you only get to enjoy the glowing lights and sparkly ornaments for a few days before it’s time to take it all down.  I have way too many ornaments to trouble myself with unpacking and repacking it all within a weeks time.

My Christmas tree is currently a pre-lit artificial white.  A few years ago I had a pink tree, but my cats and ferrets destroyed it.  ^_^  I also have a black tree to match the black and red in my “office”.  Thanks so much Jim!  I love turning it on when I cam.


I’ve been a pretty naughty girl this year, but in case any of you would like to make my Christmas wish come true, I would love nice juicy offline tips!

Tips are wonderful gifts for any occasion, because they help me pay bills, save for my future, and cover my living expenses.  They also remind me who loves me the most, and that someone out there is thinking of me.  And no worrying about pain in the butt shipping.

You can always send a gift rocket to violeterotica@gmail.com, or for those of you who don’t like giving cash as gifts, I have a wish list as well.  Money is always a lovely way to help me recover from the holidays however. ^_~


If you’re looking for some Christmas cheer or cheeky holiday fun, don’t forget about Cult Violet.  I’ve been adding holiday themed sets, and my glass candy cane toy video is available for download.  I also added an 18 minute bonus video, exclusive for my Cultists this week.

 photo 1-2

December’s Cult Violet Video!!

Hello and Happy Holidays, Violet Doll fans!!

It’s December and you know what that means… It’s time for a new Cult Violet exclusive video!

When you join Cult Violet not only do you get 3 month access to the Cult Violet section of Violet’s forum – which is regularly updated with sexy exclusive picture updates – but you get a new 100% Cult Violet exclusive video each month you’re a member!

This month’s video shows you just why Violet is always on Santa’s naughty list (not that any of us, or Santa for that matter, would ever hold that against her). Wearing a sexy little Christmas outfit, Violet shows off her amazing body before getting herself off with her glass candy cane dildo in this 12+ minute video!!

Dec Vid 05

Click for the full video download!

 So be sure to join Cult Violet!  Once the month is over, the exclusive video for that month will never be available again!  So hurry up and get your Cultist forum status now!!

Joining Cult Violet for a 1000 token tip on MyFreeCams.com (or 900 tokens offline tip) gives you “Cultist” status on Violet’s personal forum, access to the Cult Violet section in the forum – which gives you access to the regular photo updates in “The Altar” section, an exclusive video each month you’re a member, and a private place where you can chat with Violet about anything!

Dec Vid 06

Click for the full video download!

On top of all that, Violet will periodically, and temporarily, post recorded group shows in The Altar section as a bonus for the Cultists!  These explicit group shows commonly run 15 minutes to an hour long!!

So join now and don’t miss out!

Dec Vid 01

Click for the full video download!

Dec Vid 04

Click for the full video download!

Dec Vid 03

Click for the full video download!

Dec Vid 02

Click for the full video download!

Fleshlight Raffle

During the month of December, I will be selling tickets for my Fleshlight Raffle.  I’m typically not a raffle kind of girl, but I wanted to offer something new for the holidays.

Ticket prices are low, because I’m not looking to make a profit.  I’m hoping to make one lucky winner extremely happy before the end of 2013!

All of the information is simply stated on the banner below.  Tip 22 tokens to purchase a ticket.  Please include “raffle” in the tip note.

There is no limit on how many tickets you can buy. You can tip any time on any day for a ticket, until Midnight Eastern time on December 31st (the night of the 30th, not New Years Eve).

I will be holding a physical drawing live on cam, with an actual raffle drum.  I keep a very organized record of usernames on file throughout the month.  Each individual username will be hand written on the tickets purchased.  As you can see, my raffles are run very legitimately and fairly.

Those of you in Cult Violet will get double tickets!  Please include “raffle cult violet” in your tip note, so I can verify your Cult status.  If you’re not already a Cultist, you can tip 900 tokens offline to join.

The winner will be mailed a brand new Original Pink Lady Fleshlight, along with the other items listed below.

december fleshlight raffle

Happy Holidays!

It’s that time again!  I hope the holidays are jolly for all.

I do my best to enjoy this season by spending time with my family, and taking part in the simple traditions.  I love to bake of course, and decorating the Christmas tree is always a fun activity.  Sometimes I can’t help feeling a little melancholy when this time of year approaches, thinking of the loved ones I’ve lost.  The holidays are bitter sweet in that manner.

I ended up staying home and working for Thanksgiving, and it’s a good thing I did, because I’ve taken some time off recently for my Father’s knee replacement surgery.  I’m so grateful that everything went well, and he was finally discharged from the hospital today.

I did find time to bake two batches of cupcakes and send them along with my parents for Thanksgiving dinner.  Cupcakes travel amazingly well, and  I often choose to make them over a full sized cake.  I use a handy cupcake carrier to take them out of town, and they’re great for taste testing also.

I whipped up apple cupcakes with fresh Honeycrisp apples, filled with dulce de leche, topped with caramel butter cream and a caramel drizzle.  And pumpkin cupcakes with cream cheese frosting and candied pecans.  Of course I toasted and candied the pecans myself, because they’re so good while fresh and warm.  I had to snack on a few. ^_~


On Thanksgiving Eve,  I logged on to  MyFreeCams to spend some time with my buddies in my chat room.  Did a few shots of vodka for the hell of it.  Then I finished up the night in a wonderful group show, which I archived for Cult Violet.  That should be available for download in The Altar soon.

My friends at AltPorn.net were kind enough to do a little write up, along with a couple of silly screen caps from that night.  You can check those out here.

Picture 2081-2

 I have a lot of fun stuff planned for Cult Violet and MFC this December.  Including a Christmas video (available for download now!), holiday pic sets, and a Fleshlight Raffle.  I’ll do a write up on all of that stuff later.

For now I have to pack to head out of town.  I’m attending a Birthday surprise party this weekend, for a very special loved one.

I’ll be back in action on cam next week!  So keep an eye out.


I Sell My Panties on the Internet

When I was a little girl, I never dreamed of becoming Cyber Stripper.  The term didn’t exist back then, and I’m not sure it would’ve interested me quite as much if it wasn’t such unknown territory when I started.  Part of the appeal was being involved in something so new.

The title Cam Girl,  Internet Model, Web Cam Model etc. still confuses people of today.  Pornography has always been around, even plentiful in the early days of the Internet.  It’s funny how the human libido has been the driving force behind many great inventions throughout history.


As a child we’re often faced with that famous question; “What do you want to be when you grow up?”.

My answer was always a career that involved working with animals, or creating art.  So in a way, I suppose my dream job came true.  Men are animals, and my work is fairly creative. ;)   I’m a performance artist, sometimes a sex therapist, sometimes a stripper, other times simply a peddler of smut.


We’re encouraged to envision our future long before our brains are mature enough to understand what a job really is.  Inevitably, it’s how we survive.

Strip away all the pressure of being a socially accepted working member of society.  Remove the title, and delete the delusion of any rational person loving their work day in day out.  Work is means for food and shelter. Something we so easily forget once we’re swept up in impressing others.

Some of our adult role models told us “follow your dreams” when we were children .  Others forced upon us ideals of what a good life should be.  Doctors, teachers, businessmen, lawyers.  Work hard, go to college.

I don’t recall warnings of overpriced tuition, taxes, insurance, or boredom induced nervous break downs.  Call me a pessimist, but they really should give kids a head start and teach that stuff in grade school.


It took me several years to accept how lucky I am, and realize that I do love my job.  Do I love it every single moment?  No, I’m human.  I have bad days just like anyone else.  Overall it’s a pretty fun gig.

Once I got off on my own and started doing things my way, that’s when I started to find joy in my work.  I’m meant to be independent, and I don’t do well under strict management.

I can only imagine a few other career options right for me, none of them conventional.  I know I won’t be able to make money off my sexuality and appearance forever, but I’ll ride this one out until the fountain of youth runs dry.  Ain’t no shame in my game.  I think that hits a nerve with a lot of unhappy people, but believe me I’m not out to remind anyone of how much they hate their life.


This topic got away from me.  I started this entry to talk about one of the unique aspects of my job.  It’s not all about dancing around on cam, or masturbating.  A big part of what I do is producing amateur content, or coming up with new ways to earn income when I’m not on cam.

Sometimes I sell more personal items.  Items as vanilla as signed prints of my image, my phone number, or as taboo as my worn panties.  It’s an incredibly common request in the adult industry.  So common that I find myself unexpectedly low on panties for every day life, and I have to restock.  I sell my panties for 1000 tokens, or 900 tokens tipped offline.  Which is equivalent to $45 or $50 for my cut.

photo 1-2

An offline tip of 900 tokens will get you a pair of my worn panties ;)

A lot of the buyers are very insistent that they be as dirty as possible.  It can be a bit confusing, as I don’t wear panties for longer than a few hours most days.  Sometimes I just go commando under my yoga pants or leggings.  I have to admit that’s the most comfortable, but I do feel sexier knowing I’m wearing lingerie under my clothes.

photo 2-2

Click if you want a pair of my panties!

Back to the “dirty” details.  I’m not sure what most men have experienced with women’s worn underwear, but I don’t think the smell should be extremely strong if a girl has a healthy vagina.  A clean pussy should have a faint pheromone aroma at most, never a pungent odor.

Either way I usually wear the panties to bed or while I cam, and try my best to get my scent on them.  Then I seal them in a zip loc bag and ship them out.  Easy as can be, no complaints from me!  Every cam girl should consider selling panties.

photo 3-2

Panties Panties Panties!

So there it is.  I sell panties on the Internet.  It’s as normal to me as working retail, which is one of the most common jobs in the United States.  I guess if you put it plainly, I’m a sales girl myself. ^_^

Fuck Machine Friday

Last Friday I did a scheduled group show with my LovBots Thrill Pillow for the very first time!

First let me say, if you missed it you missed out on a lot.  However I can provide you with an incredible one hour long smooth archive of the group show with audio if you offline tip 900 tokens.  ^_^

For a limited time I’m offering the video with Cult Violet access, which means even more exclusive videos and content. So get on that deal before it’s expired!  I’m only offering the video with Cult Violet access this week.

Read on to learn more about Fuck Machine Friday!


The plan? If I cleared the topic, I would do my first live fuck machine show ever.  If the topic wasn’t cleared, I would retire the machine for good.  No more fuck machine videos, and never a live show.  It was the last night of pay period and very competitive.  The stakes were high, and I didn’t know what to expect.  I have to admit, I was a bit nervous!

Luckily I have the best fans, MFC friends, and Cultists EVER!  The topic was cleared swiftly, and I enjoyed an incredible hour long group show!  I have to thank each and every person who contributed that night.  So many people were there to support me.

Not only did we clear the topic and spend an amazing hour in group, but I went on to do an encore as well as a few fun private shows.  I’m so happy I was able to share that memorable time with you all.  YOU ARE THE BEST!!!  You’ve made being a cam girl fun for me again.


What a yummy night! Click me for info on obtaining this awesome 1 hour video.

For a limited time, a download link for the recording of the 1 hour long Fuck Machine Friday show is available for Cult Violet members.

Which means not only do you get a second chance to witness an incredible event in Violet Doll history, but you get access to all my private Cult Violet content.  Including November’s Public Masturbation video. ^_~

All you have to do is offline tip 900 tokens, and I’ll add you to the Cult for three months so you can access the goods.  You get to keep my sexy amateur smut videos forever. <3


How many positions can I work? Hmmmm. . .

Moral of the story?  Stick to your guns.  Never settle.  And I have the best fans ever:) I’m a happy girl.  I hope I can make you happy too. xo


Tip 900 tokens for Cult Violet access & the 1 hour long Fuck Machine Friday vid!


Click & watch me cum


Tip 900 tokens for the full & uncensored video




Watch me take it from behind ;)


I <3 my machine!


Tip 900 tokens to witness the best Violet Doll group show EVER!


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