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What IS That Creature?

Is that Elvira?  Morticia Addams?  A cat?

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All good guesses my friends, but take note of the wings and infectious cuteness.  It is I, the fruit bat, host to the Ebola virus!

It doesn’t get much more frightening than a disease that turns your internal organs into mush, causing blood to spill from every orifice.  We’re talking bleeding from the mouth, gums, nose, and genitals.  Yum!

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Do I win the prize for best Halloween costume?  👻   Who wants a kiss from the Ebola Bat this year?

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I’ve been a pinkette for a few months now, and I’m kind of loving it.  Lot’s of maintenance, but fun!  I think I’ll keep it for a while. ^_^

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Top 7 Camming Tips

Being a fairly seasoned cam model, I receive questions from beginner models every so often.  I don’t mind sharing or exchanging tips and advice one bit.  In fact, I think it’s flattering when models come to me for input.

A few weeks ago I found this thought-provoking question in my tumblr inbox.


I have no idea why she chose the number 7.  I’m guessing she wanted to go easy on me and cut a few off the typical top 10.  Or maybe 7 is her lucky number.  Either way, once I began typing I realized I have a lot to say.

It all kind of spewed out with little attention to grammar or ease of reading, but it’s raw and honest.  Maybe some day I’ll make a more astute post regarding cam model guidance.  Hopefully I’ll have new adult industry related questions to answer! ^_^

So thank you anonymous cam model.  I hope you as well as other cam models find these top 7 tips helpful.

1. Patience is key: Money isn’t just going to rain on you every single day. Be prepared to stick it out and smile.

If it’s dead sign off to do something productive, sign on earlier next time. Every model has slow periods.

2. Competition is fierce: MyFreeCams has an insane amount of active models at this point. You’ll have to be either extremely slutty or extremely entertaining to get viewers. Try to stand out with your talents and personality. Always be pleasant.

If you’re willing to fist your cooch and shove baseball bats up your bum hole, you probably won’t need a personality or talent. Models like that burn out pretty quick though.

3. Never compromise your comfort: No amount of money is worth feeling bad about yourself later.

If you’re comfortable being more risqué with your shows, go for it! If you feel apprehensive in the least bit about certain acts, don’t do it!

I’ve stuck to my guns for several years now, and I’m doing pretty well. So don’t give in to pressure.


Every model has a slow nights. I’ve had slow months! Don’t take it personal.

4. Don’t feed the trolls: Even if arguing with them is fun or tempting at times, because most of them are so fucking stupid it’s hilarious, ignore them.

They have nothing better to do and they aren’t worth your time. The premiums with money are there to be turned on, not to watch angry man babies or jealous girls try to take over your chat room.

Disable guests, use the ignore/ban function, forget about them.

5. Keep your personal life and camming separate: Stalkers, psychopaths, imposters, trolls. The girls who put their private life on blast are foolish.

6. Ignore MFC drama: I’m oblivious to the gossip and I’m happy that way.

I don’t allow people to bash other models in my chat room. I don’t care who is the most hated or most popular. Don’t get sucked into that high school BS.

I sign on, make my money, sign off and live my real life.

7. Keep receipts: If you’re in the US, (I’m not aware of how income tax works in other countries) many things you use in shows are tax deductible.

Software, wardrobe, cosmetics, props, office furniture, electronics, etc. Really anything you use to make income can be written off. So save those receipts and consult with a tax professional.

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