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Beautiful busty tattooed model & cam girl with the famous booty! Check out the about me page if you'd like to know more.


My name is Violet Doll.  I’m 26 years old, and I’ve been a cam girl/model for several years.

I live in Michigan, (Detroit area).  People always ask me why I stay here, and the answer is simple.  Family!  My family is here, and I would never leave them.  I’m not married, but I do date.  I don’t have children, but I do have three cats and two ferrets.  I love animals, and I’m sure I’ll end up with many more furry kids in the future.

My hair is naturally a light brown shade (I think!), and my eyes are green/blue/grey.  I change my hair pretty frequently, but it’s usually some sort of brown.  I’m kind of petite at at 5’3″, but I’m known for my killer curves.  My measurements are 32G 22″ 37″, although that does fluctuate as well.

I have several large tattoos, and I plan on getting a few more well thought out pieces.  I’m still working on a very detailed sleeve on my right arm, which is almost finished.  I’m also in the middle of laser removal on my side piece.  I’m hoping I can fade it enough to cover it with something bigger and better.  It’s not that I regret or hate the tattoo, I just have higher standards now.  I try not to be impulsive with my tattoos these days.

My hobbies include cooking, reading, and working out.  I’m a pretty skilled amateur baker, so I’m sure you’ll see plenty of photos of my creations here.  I also have a passion for cooking healthy.  I enjoy the challenge of making healthy food as delicious and crave worthy as the common comfort food we all love.  It’s not easy!  Don’t get me wrong,  I still dream of pizza, burgers, hot dogs, fried food, pasta, ice cream etc.  When a holiday or special occasion calls for super duper fatty awesome sugary carb filled meals,  I’m happy to whip up something I’ll have to burn off later.  Otherwise, I try to make health conscious choices on a daily basis.

I guess that’s all I can say for now.  If you want to learn more about me, you’ll have to read my blog!

xo Violet


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  • Nice Blog… Interesting new Hair colors, you looking like a Princess Bubble Gum and Marceline hybrid now…. I like both :grin:

    I wish I could enter your dating raffle, but it’s absolutely out of my reach :sad: but it’s better so, I think…

    I really hope you’ll find your way, stay how you are.

    • Awww I love both too! ^_^ I might be a little bit more Marceline, but I do have a sugary sweet side.

      I hope you saw the thank you photo on instagram. I loved your gifts! I’m going to post a photo of me wearing the whole outfit soon. Thank you so much! xo

      • Yes I saw your post, but you only showed one of three, right? I’m there every day and read your posts :D That’s so sick, I know…. but you’re like Crack, Heroin and Meth mixed to a addicted making Cocktail for me ;) I really need a rehab.

        But great thanks for your Tip, Adventure Time is absolutely my taste, I love it!

        You mean Princess Bubblegum on day and Marceline at night?! ;D
        but I love it also sweet at night…
        OMG mental cinema AHHH STOP IT! otherwise I’ll just jealous and…. ;)

        Also thanks for your beautiful hot shows, I really really enjoyed it, you know…


        • Haha. It’s ok to be addicted to me! I won’t kill you. ;)

          I’m so glad you love Adventure Time! It’s the best cartoon on TV these days. I feel like a giddy little girl when I watch.

          • It’s not ok, not on this way ;) but I’m sure you don’t really want… :wink:

            I hate Internet :D

            I’m also a great “Cow and Chicken”, “Ren and Stimpy” and “drawn together” fan, but Adventure Time is better than all.

          • I LOVE Ren & Stimpy!

  • Ah, so this is where you’ve been! I’ve been wondering why I haven’t seen you on mfc lately. Anyway, it’s cool you’ve made your own blog now. I’ll be sure to stop by regularly. :grin:

    ps: this is manstooky

    • Hi Manstooky! Glad you found my blog. I’m soooooo tired of MFC. :( I really wish I could cam for fans in a more private setting.

      Unfortunately it’s my only source of income, and I can’t move on until I pay off taxes. So don’t worry, I’ll be back on soon!

  • You’re undeniably 1 of a Kind Violet, which sucks for the rest of the men in America, there are plenty of other hot chicks whom are absolutely gorgeous though not nearly as interesting as yourself ✌

  • Hi there sweetheart,im in allen park mich,just wanted to say i think you are gorgeously awesomw!!!

  • For you I would move from here to US :D

  • You should do a blog entry about each of your individual pets. Featuring several paragraphs about how you got them, what their personalities are like and a few pics of you with your fur babies!

    • Pet blogs definitely on the way. I’ve done this before on my old blogs, but it’s time for an update. Thanks! :)

  • I have always been an admirer of yours but now I’m a fan. Moving on from ‘this’, I say that loosely, to pursue an education, now that is what I find most admirable about you! Well, granted that is your plan lol. Anyway, ill see if I can frequent your site as much as possible, maybe kick a few bucks your way to support the cause.

    • Very lovely thing to say, thank you. :) Please do come back. Makes me happy to know I have readers.

      • Oh hai gurlfren I’m back!
        So what are you wanting to study for? What is Violets dream?

        • My ultimate dream is quite out of reach, so I think in terms of stepping stones. As soon as I pay off taxes, I’m going start taking tech classes. Development and/or design maybe. I’ll see where it takes me. :)

  • I’m not a hooker but for 30k I think id do some dirty things to an old lady lol. I wouldn’t enjoy it but id enjoy the pay out! Haha. Just kidding though, I know you’re higher class than that. And that’s why we all love ya!

  • What kind of design are you thinking about getting into? Graphic design? Making ads for print and/or the web? Let me know, I love that stuff and talking about it!

    • I’m leaning more towards web development & design, but I’m not sure yet. There are plenty of classes I can take that I would need for either, so I can decide later. :)

      Plus I’m so far from paying off my taxes, I just get kind of depressed when I think of school. :(

      • Ahhh I’m sorry to hear about the taxes, that’s a bummer :(
        Hang in there, I’m sure you will get what you want and I’m sure you know that too :)

  • I tried once before to post on here with a question but to no avail. So I’ll try again! I was wondering if you were okay with the idea of my using you for paintings. I wouldn’t copy any photos or anything. Just pretty much reference them and your style. If you don’t like the idea I’ll understand. I can’t pay you (I’m a “starving artist and I’m lucky I can afford paint and canvas!) but if you are interested in seeing a concept design first let me know. Congrats on your future succes and I wish you well in all you do. Thanks for taking the time to read this.

    • Hi Randy. I think you left a comment on my support page. You can find my answer there, but yes of course you can use my photos as reference. :)

      • Oooh! That is so awesome! Thank you very much. I’ll try to find a way to show you the finished products. You’re far too kind. I’m considering you a friend now. I hope you had an incredible and productive day. Thanks again

  • The World is Yours Gorgeous.

  • OMG a friend told me yesterday about the website i saw you and i just loved you!!!!! then i look for u on internet and here i am.. you got amazing eyes, body, face, tattos… omg i could keep going but Id not finish :D Just know that u got a girl following us sexy butt :) Kisses mwaaaahhh!!!!!!

  • What’s your email? I have a special request $$

  • If you ever come to London, let me know!

  • Hey Violet how you doing? I just arrived here because I saw your instagram profile, I’m a tattoo artist from Spain, I like your blog so much and I gotta practice my english so I’m gonna read your blog entries to improve my skills haha, this is the better way to learn… interesting things and your pics =D. Hope you have a nice day, greetings from Spain ;)

  • Congratulations on your job beautiful. You´re a real artist. There´s only one thing I don´t like about you…that you´re not Basque! :)
    If you ever wanna visit one of the most beautiful countries in the world just let me know…

  • I Saw One Of Your Pictures On Twitter And It Landed Me Here. And I Just Wanna Say You’re Ravishing(Beautiful)

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