Current Top 5

Since your foolish male brains are rendered useless by testosterone, let me be your guide through this journey of worship and enlightenment.

These are my top 5 desires right now.  In other words your top priorities, your to-do list.  They could change at any moment, so I suggest you pay attention and check in daily.


Queen Violet’s Current Top 5

1. Money (duh)

So sick of the wanna-be slave fuck boys who claim they don’t like giving money, because it seems “impersonal”.  When did I say you have any privilege to my personal life?  You have no authority or say here.  You give what I want.

This is just a sad excuse that cheap miserable failures use, when they hope to latch on to a Domme with as little contribution as possible.  They look for the most inexpensive item on the wish list, and pass it off as a tribute in an attempt to seek attention.  Then some of you have the nerve to speak of real time sessions or cash point meets? HA!

Cash is Queen, money is the way to earning your place at my feet.  I don’t deal with more than a few obedient slaves at a time, so pay up or piss off.


2. High Priority Gifts

If you’re worthy of sending me random gifts that I haven’t ordered you to purchase, it will be something of value from this list.  I don’t need cheap items laying around my house taking up space.  Buy me something I’ll actually use and enjoy, and maybe I’ll actually use and enjoy you.


3. Sephora Gift Cards

$100 or more.  Don’t be cheap.


 4. Summer Wardrobe

You’re really late on this.  I’ve received one dress, one pair of shoes.  That certainly will not cut it.  The items I received in April for my Birthday weren’t even made for Spring or Summer.  Failures as usual, because you’re too lazy and slow.  Work harder, work faster.


5. Home Depot Gift Cards

Again, $100 or more.  My Mother and I are building a garden.

Send Gift Rocket/gift cards to



Ass Worship

Countless pitiful little perverts dream of burying their face in my gorgeous, perfectly plump ass.  And why wouldn’t they?  Just look at it!  My cheeks swallow every thong so deep, you can just barely see a hint of material atop my magnificent butt cleavage.

Dream on boys.  Maybe I’ll provide you with a pair of panties to huff, because that’s as close as you’ll get to worshiping my beautiful booty.