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New Forum!

I’m happy to announce the opening of my new free forum!  I’ve been working hard on getting it going for a few days, along with a lot of help from my trusty administrator.

I would genuinely love to make it a fun place where I can entertain and interact with my fans.  I also plan on building a massive eye candy board, stuffed full of sexy content.  So please register a user name and come chat with me!

I will keep it free and open to the public as long as people contribute to discussion.  If there are too many lurkers, I might just make it private for members only.  So what are you waiting for? Join now!




Ducks & Empty Nests

Lately I’ve been making more time for my parents, since my Sister moved to Portland.  I think it’s going to take some time for them to adjust to the empty nest.  I try to make sure I visit them for a few minutes every day, which is easy since I live in the house next door.  I’ve had so many opportunities to move away from here for work, but I could never imagine being far from my family.  Now with my Sister gone, I realize even more that staying close to home is the right choice for me.

Today my Mom and I went out for breakfast.  It was a hot muggy morning, and there were ducks bathing in a watery ditch near the restaurant.  I think someone must be feeding them regularly, because they fearlessly ran up to me quacking away.  I only managed to snap one pic, since my phone battery was low.  There was an adorable fuzzy little duckling and several females.  I saved them the toast from my breakfast.  ^_^



For breakfast I had an amazing spinach and portobello omelet, with a side of fruit and iced tea.  My Mother had an omelet with avocado and bacon that was even better.  I was tempted to get a seafood crêpe,  stuffed french toast, or a croissant breakfast sandwich, but I’m keeping it light until the weekend.  I have sinful plans in the making involving mini bundt cakes.  ;)


Spinach and portobello omelet

I enjoyed being awake early today, so I might give day time camming another chance this week.   Staying up until 4am on cam really screws up my sleep, so afternoons could be good for me.  I guess we’ll see!  Meanwhile, have I mentioned how much I love offline tips?!  They help boost my cam score, and they make me feel loved and appreciated. <3  Leave me a tip!

Picture 1167-2


Oh Hi!

Sorry I haven’t been updating much during the past week.  I’ve been kind of depressed since my Sister moved last Monday.  Her happiness is important to me, and I hope she loves her new home.  It’s been really weird knowing she’s not within walking distance.

I hope everyone is having a great summer so far.  Last night I got on cam for the first time in a while, and had a great time.  Big thank you to all of the tippers!  I’m going to get something to eat and get ready to cam again tonight, so this blog entry will be short and sweet.  Load up tokens if you want to catch me in group.  ^_^

What’s new lately with me?  Hmmmm.  Other than my Sister moving away, I finished my sleeve on my right arm and re-pierced my belly button.  I’m pretty happy with the piercing, because it covers the scar from the one that ripped out about a year ago.  I first pierced my belly as a young teen, so it eventually migrated out as the years went by.  I had the piercing for 12 years!  So far it’s healing well.  I can’t wait until I can change the jewelry.  I would really love a yellow gold ring:)

As for my sleeve, I absolutely love it.  I’ve been working on it for over 2 years, so I knew long ago that I’d be thrilled with the finished result.  I’ll post pics when everything is completely healed.  Right now I’m still just a bit peely.  Later this month I will start on my left arm.  I sure am lucky I don’t pay for my tattoos, because they certainly are expensive!

Guess that wasn’t so short and sweet.  Have a great weekend guys, and enjoy these pics!

Picture 1160-2

Wore my favorite school girl outfit to cam last night

Picture 1164-2

peek-a-boob! :P

New Bed, New Hair

Recently I was lucky enough to receive one of the best gifts ever.  A new  king sized bed, with a big fluffy tufted velvet head board!  It sure made me a happy girl, and I love how it looks all set up.  White was a bold choice, but I’m hoping it will stay clean with Scotch Guard.  So far so good.

A big thank you to Bryan for the gorgeous bed, soft sheets, pillows, and new black out curtains.  You are the best!  I’ve wanted a new bed for years, and you really spoiled me with this one.  Can’t wait to spoil you in return.  ;)

Thank you to DJ for the duvet cover, and Miggidy for the duvet.  I recently made a little video for those who have sent me wishlist gifts and generous tips during the past few months.  I’ll be sending that out soon!

I’m not sure if I’ll be camming in my bedroom much, but maybe I’ll try it out in the future.  I took web cam pics on the bed a few days ago, and the lighting was very soft and pretty.  Seeing myself in these photos kind of made me want to start doing photo shoots again.

Picture 1141-2Picture 1145-2Picture 1143-2Picture 1152-2


You can’t really tell since I’m at the edge in the photos, but that bed is massive!  I’m not quite used to king sized, but my cats sure think it’s great.  Keoki likes to go underneath, then pretend he doesn’t know how to escape when I try to get him out of there.  =^_^=  I have to be careful about leaving them unattended in my room now.  I’m sure they’d love to use the head board as a big pillowy scratching post.   Johnny Wiggles already tried to climb it.

I changed my hair color a couple of days ago, so new hair too!  A more natural and golden hue for the summer.  I already miss the pink, but I knew it wouldn’t last for long.  Too much upkeep.  I’m really loving this current color anyhow!  Sorry for the grainy phone pics.  I’ll take more soon.

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Pics & Updates

I can’t believe it’s been so long since I’ve blogged!  I’ve been a busy girl lately.  I hosted a cook out for my Sister last Saturday.  She’s moving across the country next month, and I wanted her to have some fun with friends and family before she left.  I had to cook enough for 15 people, so of course I over did it.  Better to have too much food rather than not enough, because left overs are awesome!  Our friends were more than happy to take a plate home.

We grilled a ton of burgers and hot dogs, and I made the typical summer cook out side dishes.  Mac n’ cheese, spicy cole slaw, greek salad, onion dip, potato salad, garlic cheddar cheese ball, and my Grandma made brownies and cherry cake.  Even though it poured rain for a few hours, it cleared up in time to grill.  The rain cooled down the temp, and no one seemed to mind the wet yard and patio. ^_^  Unfortunately, I failed to get any food pics!  Playing hostess kept me too busy.  >_<

I’m utterly depressed over my Sister’s move.  We’re pretty close, and although we’re only a few years apart I’ve always taken the role of the protective big Sister.  She’s the baby of the family, and I worry about her being so far away.  I’m happy if she’s safe and content, so I’m trying to be supportive.  I’m sure I’ll cry like a nut case when we take her to the airport.  :'(

In other news, it turns out I’m not going to Exxxotica with Gisele in July.  Big bummer, but it just didn’t work out.  Maybe we’ll plan another trip together soon. I sure do miss her!  I’m going to be in Chicago that weekend for a family Birthday anyway, so who knows!  Maybe I’ll stop by Exxxotica anyhow.  I certainly would need something to wear.  In desperate need for new clothes.  Wish list gifts are awesome, but GiftRocket cards are the best!  <3

Picture 1112-2


Picture 1111-2

leggings booty

Picture 1100-2


Picture 1109-2


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Latex Love

It’s no secret, I absolutely love latex.   I love how it feels, I love the shine, and I love how good it looks on my body.  I have several quality latex pieces, but I reserve them for shoots or special occasions for several reasons.

First of all it makes you smell like a giant condom.  Some latex fetishists are into the scent, but I don’t appreciate how it stays in my skin and hair.  It’s not a particularly unpleasant smell, but I’d rather smell sweet than rubbery.  It also makes you sweat like crazy if you’re not in a comfortable temperature, so that only intensifies the rubber odor.

Secondly, it’s an extremely sensitive material.  Even the heavier gauge latex can rip or react badly to chemicals in skin care products.  You have to be very cautious when you put it on or take it off.  I ripped a $100 latex bra recently before camming, and I was pretty devastated.

Which brings me my last point.  It’s expensive!  Considering it’s not something you can wear everyday, a good latex outfit is pretty pricey.  If it was affordable I’m sure I’d have a closet full.  I’ve tried some of the cheaper  mass produced items, but you get what you pay for when it comes to latex.

Even with the scent, the maintenance, the price and the discomfort, there is nothing like sliding into your second skin.  Latex is by far the sexiest material a girl could wear.

Picture 1094-2

Lately I’ve been seriously considering attending Exxxotic Chicago with my gorgeous friend Gisele, for a girls weekend and a little networking.  I haven’t seen here in so long it’s sad, and Chicago is just a 5 hour drive from Detroit.  I drive there pretty frequently since I have a lot of family in Chicago, so it would be an easy trip.  I’m going over expenses and trying to figure out what the hell to wear.  No, I won’t be wearing latex.  ;)  I haven’t been shopping for clothes in ages,  and I do my own hair and nails lately.  I’m okay with being casual, but if I’m going to a convention I need to look my best.

Lately all of my money has been going to bills and saving for taxes.  I could definitely use extra cash, or gifts.  Beauty products, clothes, shoes, and accessories would be so great!  Most gifts I receive are things people want to send me, adult toys, or lingerie.  I’m incredibly grateful when someone makes a completely unselfish gesture by sending me something I really want, and can enjoy in everyday life.  I love to be spoiled.  <3

Picture 1099-2Picture 1093-2Picture 1097-2Picture 925-2Picture 911-2

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I’m bribing myself to stay up late tonight with junk food.  I’ve been waking up far too early to get on cam, and I’m craving fries like crazy.  My bod is hot, I eat healthy most of the time.  So why not?  I’ll work it off tomorrow!  In an hour or so, I’m going to get myself some greasy delicious fast food.  Tomorrow I will be eating veggies all day to compensate.  That’s how it works folks.

I really like my new phone, but my bedroom lighting sucks for phone pics.  These aren’t too hideous, just grainy and dark.




booty cleavage


time to go put a bra on

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Lingerie Makeover

I’ve had this kinky little one piece for a while now.  The cut is extremely flattering, and I’m very fond of the color pink.  Someday when I’m in my Barbie dream home, I will decorate my master bedroom pink.  I don’t care if I’m married or old.  My future husband will have to deal with it.

I believe the outfit was a gift from my wishlist, (thanks Bryan!).  Regrettably, it has what appears to be an ink stain smack dab in the center.  The source of the ink is still a mystery.  The suspicious part of my brain blames the TSA.  My belongings always seem to suffer damage when I travel, and I recall packing the outfit for a work trip.  For all I know it could be dye that bled from another piece of clothing.  Nonetheless, instead of throwing it away I decided to fix it up with a few pyramid studs.  Well, close to 100 studs in fact.

I love the revamped outfit all the more.  I still need to secure the studs a bit tighter because the fabric is really thin spandex.  I wore it to make my latest video last night, and one stud came loose during all the dancing and umm. . . . other activities.  Come to think of it, I need to edit another video right now.  I hope you enjoy my lingerie makeover!

Picture 1078-2

Old outfit made new with studs. Love it!

Picture 1086-2