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Meet Dogmeat

Meet my new baby Dogmeat, (yes his name is from Fallout 3).  He’s an Australian Cattle Dog/Blue Heeler, and about 9 weeks old.  I’ve had him for only a week, and boy is he ever exhausting!  The photo below is definitely deceiving. *^_^*  Check out my tumblr to get a better idea of his personality, and make sure you follow me too!


The cats are getting used to his presence.  They never run fom him, but don’t want to play with him yet.  The ferrets are totally indifferent and afraid of nothing.

My other pets are the reason I chose to adopt a puppy.  I always thought I’d go for an older dog in need, but I couldn’t risk bringing home an animal that would torment my cats or kill my ferrets.  I’ve always been very interested in his breed, so when I found out this little guy needed a home as soon as possible I couldn’t resist.

Picture 318-2

Like most puppies he requires constant attention.  An ACD ranks around number 10 in intelligence amongst other breeds.  That means he gets bored very easily and needs a lot of play time.  Being a herding dog, Dogmeat will need a lot of  exercise as well.  So I’m hoping we can go on long hikes together when he’s old enough.

So far he’s doing good with house breaking, he’s learning to fetch and knows to sit and come on command.  He’s just a baby, so of course  few accidents are acceptable.  Luckily I’ve put off installing new floors in my home until he’s completely trained. ^_^

Picture 326-2Picture 322-2



I left for my vacation last Tuesday, so I’ve been in the Miami/Ft. Lauderdale area and the Florida Keys.  I’m having the time of my life! Follow me on Twitter and Instagram for photo updates.  I have many beautiful memories to share when I return.


Thank you for the Beach Bunny bikini, Josh! I love it.


Enjoying the beautiful clear waters of the Atlantic, surrounding the Florida Keys. Gorgeous!


Best days of my life.



7 More Days

Only 7 more days until Christmas, and boy am I a busy girl.  I still have gifts to buy for my family, and a ton of baking to do.  I can’t believe I haven’t learned my lesson about getting a head start on the holidays after all these years.


I leave town for Chicago next Monday to spend Christmas Eve with my family there.  Then I’m flying back on Christmas morning in time to spend the day with my family in Michigan.  Between shopping, baking, packing, flying, and worrying about the current state of my MFC paycheck, I’m bound to lose my mind!

I did get a few batches of cookies and cookie dough finished.  Those are waiting in the freezer, ready to be decorated or sliced and baked. I have to bake my Christmas cupcakes, and maybe cook up some candy or fudge as well.

photo 2-2

My Christmas tree has been up since the beginning of the month.  I’m always really excited to decorate the tree.  If I had a bigger home, I’d probably be one of those crazy folks with one in every room.


Usually I bring all of the Christmas stuff out of storage right after Thanksgiving.  If you don’t get it up early, what’s the point?  I recall spotting my neighbors decorating their tree on Christmas Eve last year.  I suppose that’s a tradition for some, but then you only get to enjoy the glowing lights and sparkly ornaments for a few days before it’s time to take it all down.  I have way too many ornaments to trouble myself with unpacking and repacking it all within a weeks time.

My Christmas tree is currently a pre-lit artificial white.  A few years ago I had a pink tree, but my cats and ferrets destroyed it.  ^_^  I also have a black tree to match the black and red in my “office”.  Thanks so much Jim!  I love turning it on when I cam.


I’ve been a pretty naughty girl this year, but in case any of you would like to make my Christmas wish come true, I would love nice juicy offline tips!

Tips are wonderful gifts for any occasion, because they help me pay bills, save for my future, and cover my living expenses.  They also remind me who loves me the most, and that someone out there is thinking of me.  And no worrying about pain in the butt shipping.

You can always send a gift rocket to, or for those of you who don’t like giving cash as gifts, I have a wish list as well.  Money is always a lovely way to help me recover from the holidays however. ^_~


If you’re looking for some Christmas cheer or cheeky holiday fun, don’t forget about Cult Violet.  I’ve been adding holiday themed sets, and my glass candy cane toy video is available for download.  I also added an 18 minute bonus video, exclusive for my Cultists this week.

 photo 1-2

Summer Photos

I’ll miss the summer.  I savored every moment, while I visited some of my favorite spots around the state.  Next I hope to go to Miami, during the cold Michigan winter. ^_^


Fishing boats in Leland, Michigan


Cute little shop Leland, Michigan


Candy Store Leland, Michigan


Leland, Michigan


Dam in Leland, MIchigan




Leland, Michigan


Leland, Michigan


Rise and shine!


Preparing for work around the cottage property


One of the cute little bedrooms in our cottage <3


Bay Harbor, Michigan


Bay Harbor, Michigan


Bay Harbor, Michigan


Lake Michigan


Lake Michigan


Apple Trees


Cider Mill


Summer is over already?


Looking forward to Autumn & Halloween!

Get Away

Sorry for the lack of updates, but I’ve been keeping pretty busy lately.  I just came back from an impromptu trip to our family cottage in Northern Michigan.  It wasn’t my planned vacation, which I’m taking in just a few days.  It was a spur of the moment get away that I was in desperate need of.

I regret that I didn’t bring my good camera, but I did manage to get a few decent shots to share.  I posted extras in my forum, so register for free and check them out.


The lake I stayed on

I felt at peace staying in the beautiful little lake side cottage.  Waking up to a gorgeous view of the sparkling clean water, enjoying the sunshine and fresh air along with my morning coffee.  Feeling carefree while sipping an over sized glass of wine, and listening to the coyotes howl.  Needless to say, I didn’t want to leave.  It was a good reminder to make more time for simple trips up North.


Lily pads off the dock


So many pretty water lily blossoms!

I spent my days filled with some of the activities I love to do most.  Shooting at the range, picnics on the boat, walks along the beach, and taking time to appreciate my surroundings.  I could spend the remainder of my life happily repeating those moments.  I suppose you’d never know it by looking at me, but I’m in my best element when I’m with nature.  It reminds me of my childhood summers.


Lake Michigan


Beautiful day on the water


Me and an empty range, happy as can be!


The most fun I’ve had in a long time!

If you’ve never been to Michigan, I highly recommend seeing the North along with Great Lakes.  There is so much more to the state than the bankrupt ghost town that is Detroit.  It’s a dream come true, for anyone who loves to be outdoors.

Vacation Fever

I’ve been pretty content with life lately.  I ditched an unnecessary source of stress, and it’s incredible what a difference it’s made.  I wake up eager to start my day, instead of a feeling of unease that accompanies the particular stress I’m alluding to.

My daily activities are more enjoyable, even work and chores.  It’s funny you don’t realize how toxic stress can be until the weight has been lifted.  Sometimes I’m just too tolerant, and I grow accustomed to living with needless anxiety.

In spite of being content I have to admit, I am just a tiny bit restless.  That’s because I have the fever.  Vacation fever.  The only cure is a jaunt out of town, new scenery, fresh air, and maybe a top shelf cocktail that I don’t have to mix and serve myself.

The end of the month cannot come soon enough.  We were planning to leave on the 14th, but our trip has been delayed until the last week of August.  There has been flooding around my Grandmother’s property, causing a little damage in need of restoration.  Luckily nothing serious, just an annoyance more than anything.

No problem, I’ll just get more done before I go.  More time to cam, more time to plan! More time to put away a little extra spending money.


Instant Vacation, just add booze!


Can’t wait to see Lake Michigan

Lately I’ve been lucky enough to receive quite a few new awesome gifts from my wish list.  Including the super cute bedding below.  It’s really cozy, and the colors are perfect.  I sleep like a baby.  Thanks again Zermithor!

I also received new outfits and Victorias Secret gift cards too!  If you send me gifts from my wish list, I will post photos in my eye candy forum.  I’m so grateful for each and every gift.  A few generous guys have helped by sending me really beautiful things to wear on my vacation.  I’m overjoyed!  I feel like such a spoiled little princess. ^_^


This is where I catch my Zs

Having my own forum again is going so great!  I’m still working on some fun extras for  my special fans, and I’m hoping to get it going by the end of this month.  Not rushing  since it’s more of a hobby, and not really something I want to consider “work”.  For now there are tons of goodies in my free eye candy forum.  You only have to register to view, but I really appreciate my friends who post with me.   It’s so nice hearing from you guys, whether you’re a new fan or veteran Violet cultist.  ^_~

So don’t be shy!  I want to hear from my fans, I want to chat.  Sign up and I promise I will respond and  post pics for you!

Picture 1333-3wqshvj

Don’t be shy! Come chat with me.

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