Sister Mary Violet


Close your eyes and envision God in your mind.  Maybe you can see him, maybe not.  Maybe for you God is simply a feeling.


Now I want you to envision Me, killing your God.  That’s right.  I murdered your supreme being.


Now open your eyes.  He’s gone.  God no longer sees you.  He can’t hear you.  God is dead.  I killed your God.


If God is dead, sin no longer exists.  You’re free to give into temptation, no guilt required.


Two new delightfully seductive and blasphemous clips (see previews below)

Picture 215-2 Picture 214-2

An introduction








A lesson

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2 Responses to Sister Mary Violet

  • Hi Violet (Sister Mary), Firstly I am delighted that you took my advice and went with a religious theme and congrats for getting to No.1 and No.2 simultaneously! You look absolutely stunning in “the habit” and when you touch yourself and talk dirty I exploded however I thought the clip “God is” was a little dragged out. In my opinion it would have been perfect if it was 8 or 9 mins long. I had to choose between the 2 clips and maybe I choose the wrong one but it goes against my grain to pay €10 for a five minute clip no matter how good it is! I buy a lot of clips and I admit to being a little fussy but I really think that if you give better value for money that you will sell even more clips! I look forward to seeing you again Sister! xxx

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