Happy Halloween 2016

It’s My favorite time of year!  Well. . .  I do miss summer, but it smells amazing outside right now!  I went up North to our lakefront cottage last weekend, and I kind of wish I would’ve waited.  I did see a lot of beautiful autumn foliage, while Dogmeat yelled at coyotes nightly.  Overall it was a very peaceful spur of the moment Autumn getaway.


So I was going to do an “October Looks” blog since I get so many questions about wardrobe and make up, but I have little spare time to write these days.  It would be a great read for spooky girls and sissies alike, so maybe I’ll squeeze it in if I have free time tonight.  I really don’t have much planned anyway.  I might go do some day time stuff locally.  Pumpkins, doughnuts and cider, haunted houses,  maybe an apple orchard.

I’m such an asocial homebody.  The thought of another party kind of makes Me feel hungover already.  I’d rather pack a bag and head back up North again than deal with a crowd of drunks.  There is talk of fondue and drinks with friends, and that sounds better than the smell of booze breath on a stranger in poorly executed special fx make up. *CRRRRINNNGE* Now that’s some creepy stuff!

I definitely put a lot of Halloween into My clips this month, even though I didn’t get around to everything I had planned (I knew that would happen).   I guess two themes will be saved for next year.  I keep telling Myself I should just do them whenever.   I scare men 24/7 365 days a year, so why not throw a costume on from time to time while I’m at it?

My favorite Halloween clip by far, and probably My favorite clip of all time is Bitchcraft.  I had this clip idea in mind for months.  Maybe even several months.  It all came together even better than I imagined, so every single one of you jerkaholics need to buy it now.


Wanna play a game? Let’s summon a demon. Oh come on, it’s not real. You believe in that stuff? I don’t believe it it, it just fun. It’s fascinating, but it’s all superstition and bullshit.

I turned down an awesome party to hang out with you tonight. Stop being such a pussy. Ok I’ll make you a deal. If we do this, I’ll give you a blow job.

The description is a bit vague, and the most difficult part of releasing this clip was creating a preview gif that does it justice.  It doesn’t. . . I can’t sum it up.  A little bratty, a little mesmerizing and a whole lot of mind fuck.  Just watch for yourself.  If you’re not intrigued yet,  I wear a very revealing sheer gown with nothing underneath throughout most of it.  So even if you’re a boring vanilla pervert, that should be motivation enough to buy.

And don’t stop there, I have 7 more Halloween 2016 clips.  Yes seven.  That’s 10 total, including a couple of throwbacks from My early clip days in 2105.  Can you believe it’s been over a year since I started in clips?

Goth Girl JOI


JOI for Batman




Jerk It My Way


Halloween Latex Tease


Halloween Body Worship




So cancel your plans for the night.  You’re going to stay in and jerk to My clips.  As if you dick beaters have something better to do.

Happy Vioween!

picture-20 picture-27

picture-849 picture-850 picture-852 side-boobbj

Ass Worship

Countless pitiful little perverts dream of burying their face in my gorgeous, perfectly plump ass.  And why wouldn’t they?  Just look at it!  My cheeks swallow every thong so deep, you can just barely see a hint of material atop my magnificent butt cleavage.

Dream on boys.  Maybe I’ll provide you with a pair of panties to huff, because that’s as close as you’ll get to worshiping my beautiful booty.